Rogers Hornsby Chapter meeting recap – 7/12/2012

Fifteen Rogers Hornsby Chapter members enjoyed barbeque and baseball talk at the midseason break on Thursday, July 12.

Despite quiz-maker Jim Baker’s best efforts, a few of us eked out a few correct answers in Baker’s “The Perfect Quiz,” which focused on the 22 perfect games in Major League Baseball history.

Bill Gilbert was the only one to reach double-digits in overall score with 10 total points. Ira Siegel was second with seven points. Try your hand in the ‘Contests’ tab at the chapter website below, or by clicking here.

This was the 68th consecutive month that the chapter has met. On the horizon are Mark McGwire’s 70 and Barry Bonds’ 73.

Next meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 23.

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— Gilbert Martinez