Sacramento Chapter meeting recap

SABR’s Sacramento Chapter held its 2011 summer luncheon on Saturday, July 16 at Espanol Restaurant, 58th St. and Folsom Blvd. Thirty-five members, guests and presenters enjoyed a good Italian dinner in one of Sacramento’s oldest and best restaurants.

Chapter member Pat Namanny, an attorney specializing in sports injuries, gave a presentation on recent developments in that field. He talked about past and recent injuries in baseball and football, and recent links between long-term sports injuries and player deaths. He included a portion of the recent Bryant Gumbel show regarding the death of Lou Gehrig after many beanings, in an era before helmets.

Chapter member George Nicholson, a California Appeals Court Judge, began his presentation on Jackie Robinson and baseball integration. We look forward to hearing the rest of his presentation at the November 2011 luncheon.

Sacramento SABR has been meeting regularly since November 1994. We have three luncheons per year, in the spring, summer and in November, shortly after the World Series. Each luncheon usually includes at least one member presentation and one guest speaker, plus lunch and a raffle. We have more than 80 members or regular attendees, and we average more than 30 people for each of the luncheons.

For more information, contact co-chairs John Moist and Gregory King.