Schott-Pelican Chapter meeting recap – 10/29/2016

We had nine attendees at the Schott-Pelican Chapter meeting on October 29, 2016, at the Holiday Inn Westbank in Gretna, Louisiana.

Terry Cullen provided an update of his comprehensive analysis of Hall of Fame hitters versus Hall of Fame pitchers. A guest attendee was Nolan Vicknair, who briefly played in the New York Giants organization in 1946-47. The 91-year-old told stories about his amateur and pro playing days that included meeting Branch Rickey, Mel Ott (a Gretna native), and Carl Hubbell.

The 2017 meeting schedule for the chapter will be January 28, April 22, July 22, and October 28. We hope all baseball fans can join us and attend.

— Richard Cuicchi