Smoky Joe Wood Chapter meeting recap – 10/26/2013

Hi all! The Connecticut Smoky Joe Wood Chapter had a lively meeting in Hartford on Saturday, October 26, with about 15 people present.   We heard from Alan Cohen about the Hearst Sandlot Classic, and his article is in the latest SABR journal. Ty Waterman, member of the SABR Board of Directors, filled us in on some of the latest developments, including how SABR is now involved in the Rawlings Gold Glove Awards.

Also, as commissioner of the Great American Fantasy League, he walked us through the Season 2 GAFL World Series between the Dodgers and Yankees, which yours truly lost in the 12th inning of Game 7. I gave a brief talk about MLB leaders in Runs, Hits and Doubles, and other related categories.  

Gabe Schechter won the trivia contest, written up by Ken Paulsen, and Gabe filled us in on his take on cheating and steroids.  

Stan Dziurgot led a lively discussion about who should be in the Hall of Fame. It was a fun day.

Next up in the batting order, Bruce Hurst will be at the World Series Club in Hartford on Wednesday, November 13. Many of you remember him pitching for the Sox in the ’86 series against the Mets. You can visit for more info.

— Steve Krevisky