South Florida Chapter meeting recap – 5/18/2013

A group of 19 attendees at the South Florida Chapter meeting on May 18, 2013, in Tamarac, Florida, enjoyed the day’s keynote speaker, Rolando Llanes, share his thoughts on his documentary, White Elephant: What Is There to Save, a poignant documentary that tells the history of Miami/Bobby Maduro Stadium. There were more than a few members who fondly remember the old ballpark.

Also presenting were Sean Holtz, Stephen Smith and Pete Palmer, who regaled the audience with their varied presentations. Sean filled us in on the latest concerning his website Stephen followed with a fascinating presentation on the life of minor league legend Chet Covington. Last but certainly not least, closing out the day’s festivities was Pete Palmer sharing unknown facts about Babe Ruth’s home run records and the man whose record he eclipsed, Ned Williamson.

Gerry Garte challenged all the great baseball minds in attendance with his trivia challenges and prizes were handed out to the winners.

— Sam Zygner