Southern New England Lajoie-Start Chapter meeting recap – 6/28/2014

SABR’s Southern New England (Lajoie-Start) Chapter, one of the few chapters (if not the only one) to hold a regional meeting outdoors, was blessed with sparkling weather for its meeting on June 28, 2014. About 50 members and friends were at the session, held under a picnic tent beyond right field at McCoy Stadium, home of the Pawtucket Red Sox. The chapter has been holding these meetings for about a decade, and only once has it rained.

Rhode Islanders Mike Stenhouse (Expos 1982-84, Twins ’85, and Red Sox ’86) and his father, Dave Stenhouse (Washington Senators 1962-64), entertained the crowd with tales of their playing days; Dave offered his secrets of pitching to Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. After a ballpark lunch of hot dogs and lemonade prepared by the PawSox, Pawtucket team president Mike Tamburro, manager Kevin Boles, and pitching coach Rich Sauveur spoke, mainly about the role of farm teams in player development.

Presentations were given by Steve Adamson (on Shoeless Joe’s literacy); Penelope Corcoran (on her great-grandfather Larry Corcoran); Joanne Hulbert (on a “mystery photo”); Bill Nowlin (on Alaska’s Midnight Sun game); and Dixie Tourangeau (on this season’s wacky schedule). Father Gerry Beirne’s trivia contest (the topic was 500-homer hitters) was won by Duke Goldman.

The chapter will return indoors for its next meeting, on Saturday, November 29 (the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend), at St. Philip’s Parish Center, Greenville, Rhode Island.

— Len Levin