Southwest Florida Chapter meeting recap – 1/19/2024

On the evening of January 19, 2024, some local SABR members and friends of the Southwest Florida (Seymour-Mills) Chapter met at the Boston Beer Garden in Naples, Florida. 

The group expressed their thanks to Mel Poplock for his many years of leadership of the Seymour-Mills Chapter and the brilliant meetings with guest speakers that he organized.

Input on future chapter activities included:

Members expressed interested in face-to-face quarterly meetings that could include Zoom speakers
or baseball game outings (MiLB, FGCU). Speakers presenting via Zoom would be open to the chapter at large, but a local venue would also be selected to allow a face-to-face option while listening to the virtual Zoom speaker.

Special Meetings would be called as opportunities arise, an example being a dinner with retired ball players.

A joint meeting with other Florida chapters, a ballgame outing to Tampa or Miami.

Please email other ideas; they are most certainly welcome. For questions, please contact Kevin Doyle.