Sweet Lou Johnson Lexington Chapter meeting recap – 1/15/2022

The Sweet Lou Johnson Lexington Chapter of SABR met virtually on Saturday, January 15, 2022. The group entertained the question of whether Opening Day would happen on time. The consensus seemed to be “Who Knows” but we all agree we all want baseball back.

Congratulations to Bob Tannenbaum! Bob won the Baseball Trivia Game. Members all contributed questions for this very challenging game.

Our guest speaker all the way from Vermont was Clayton Trutor. Clayton teaches at Norwich University in Vermont. He is a freelance writer, the state chair of SABR Vermont, and covers college football and basketball for SB Nation. We all enjoyed hearing about Clayton’s new book Loserville: How Professional Sports Remade Atlanta—and how Atlanta Remade Professional Sports. This is a book about sports, politics, and the social upheaval of the 1950s and 1960s, and the impact traffic has had on Atlanta’s professional sports teams.

We all really enjoyed Clayton’s presentation and are excited to read about the impact of traffic on Atlanta sports. Clayton has graciously made a special discount code available to members: order through nebraskapress.unl.edu and use code 6AS21.

Members are reminded to email Cindy at lucinda.baker@kctcs.edu if they’d like to share research, stories, or photos!


Chapter Meeting (Virtual)
1 pm Saturday, February 5 for SABR Day

This meeting will be on Zoom. Email Cindy at lucinda.baker@kctcs.edu for the Zoom link.

Just a reminder: participation in our local meetings is absolutely FREE. All baseball fans are invited to attend. And bring a friend!

Batter up!

— Cindy Baker