Sweet Lou Johnson Lexington Chapter meeting recap – 6/8/2019

The Sweet Lou Johnson Lexington Chapter of SABR met on Saturday, June 8, 2019, at the Tates Creek Branch of the Lexington Public Library and had a great time.

We skyped with our guest speaker, John McMurray. McMurray is the chair of SABR’s Oral History Committee and the Deadball Era Committee; he is also the co-director of the Jack Graney Chapter in Cleveland Ohio. John spoke about the history of the Oral History Project and shared some of his experiences doing Oral Histories. He also recommended very specific suggestions on how members can participate in this wonderful project. Mr McMurray’s presentation was both inspirational and motivational. One of our members commented that she “felt a call to action to record more histories of baseball players before it’s too late.” Listen to more SABR oral history interviews here: https://oralhistory.sabr.org/

To join the Oral Histories Committee, email John McMurray at mcmurray.john@gmail.com.

Congratulations, Robert Tannenbaum! Robert won the Baseball Trivia Game; members all contributed questions for the quiz and it was very challenging. Robert’s prize was the Ashley Drake Lou Gehrig figurine. Thank you to baseball fan Rebecca Meeks for donating this month’s trivia prize. Everyone was happy that Robert won the Lou Gehrig figurine; he’s a big fan of the New York Yankees.

Welcome to our newest member, Dave Allen. Dave is a member of the Bluegrass Barons Base Ball Club and his favorite all-time player is Christy Mathewson. To join the Barons’ distribution list, email Dave at daveallen7@yahoo.com.

Chapter Manager Ginger Baker led a discussion about publishing a newsletter. Members discussed this proposal and made several recommendations.  This newsletter will be published three times a year (July, November, late March). Members are all invited to email short stories, baseball quotes, old photos…whatever they’d like to submit for inclusion in the July newsletter to Cindy at lucinda.baker@kctcs.edu OR to Ginger at gbaker1908@gmail.com



** SUNDAY, June 23 — Bluegrass Barons Base Ball Game & Pizza—Game begins at 1 p.m. on Sunday, June 23; the Barons will provide pizza between 4 and 4:30. Barons have asked us to bring side dishes & desserts. Meet us in the outfield under the trees. If you want to coordinate your desserts/sides, email Ginger at gbaker1908@gmail.com

*1 pm SATURDAY, July 13 — Meeting at Tates Creek Branch, Lexington Public Library. Members are invited to email four Baseball Trivia questions to Cindy at lucinda.baker@kctcs.edu

*2:05 pm SUNDAY, August 11 — Lexington Legends Game, followed by the Barons playing at Whitaker Ball Park.  The Barons are selling tickets for this game, $8/ticket. See Dave or email Cindy at lucinda.baker@kctcs.edu

*1 pm SATURDAY, August 17 — Meeting at Tates Creek Branch, Lexington Public Library.

Just a reminder: participation in our local meetings is absolutely FREE. All baseball fans are invited to attend, and bring a friend.

Please let me know if you’d like to present baseball research or baseball stories at a future meeting. We’ll put you on the schedule. Batter up!

— Cindy Baker