Sweet Lou Johnson Lexington Chapter meeting recap – 9/25/2021

Hello Baseball Fans!

The Sweet Lou Johnson Lexington Chapter of SABR met virtually on Saturday, September 25, 2021, and had a great time. We really enjoy meeting virtually during the pandemic and talking about our favorite subject—baseball!

Chapter Leader Cindy Baker gave a short presentation on the the USS Cooperstown. This battleship was dedicated to the military personnel who played baseball and died during war. A group of sailors from the ship visited the Hall of Fame in September.

Chapter “Manager” Ginger Baker led a discussion about the automatic strike zone and the issue of the Cardinals winning streak. Since our meeting, the Cardinals’ winning streak ended at 17 and clinched a Wild Card spot. Member Bret Ripley is very happy. The group voted on the automatic strike zone issue; more members supported the strike zone than opposed it.

The group discussed the proposal that we have a special evening meeting so that Dan Wallach, the Executive Director of the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum and Library, can speak to the group about Shoeless Joe! The group was very excited about this idea and agreed to have a special evening meeting to accommodate Mr. Wallach’s busy schedule at the museum. This special virtual evening meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 14.

Congratulations to Bob Tannenbaum, who won the Baseball Trivia Game! Members all contributed questions for this very challenging game.

Ginger invited members to submit contributions for our chapter newsletter! This is very exciting for our members—they can be published authors! Our Chapter newsletter is published three times a year (July, November, late March). Members are all invited to email short stories, baseball quotes, old photos … whatever they’d like to submit for inclusion in the November newsletter to Ginger at gbaker1908@gmail.com.


Chapter Meeting (Virtual)
7 p.m., Thursday, October 14

–This meeting will be on Zoom. Email Cindy for the Zoom link.

Just a reminder-: participation in our local meetings is absolutely FREE! All baseball fans are invited to attend. And bring a friend.

Please let us know if you’d like to present baseball research or baseball stories at a future meeting. We’ll put you on the schedule.

Batter up!

— Cindy Baker