There's no SABR chapter in my area. How do I start one?

SABR is an organization driven by its members — our organization wouldn't exist without all the time and effort put in by regional chapter leaders and other volunteers. Most members of SABR are unable to attend the annual convention regularly, and therefore miss out on the research presentations, guest speakers, committee meetings and the chance to talk baseball with fellow members. SABR’s regional chapters promote the Society’s objectives by fostering increased contact among SABR members.

Some areas don't yet have a regional chapter ... but it's easy to start one. Here's how:

  • Make a list of at least 5 active SABR members in your proposed regional chapter area who agree to be members of that chapter. You can use the Members Directory and search by city, state or ZIP code to find other members nearby. They don't need to sign any paperwork, just willingly agree to be members of that chapter if it is approved.
  • Then e-mail that list, along with one member designated as an official chapter liaison, to Leslie Heaphy, SABR Vice President.
  • SABR's Board of Directors will consider the proposal at its next meeting and contact the liaison if the chapter is approved.

For more information, visit our Chapter Leaders' Admin Tools page at or download the SABR Chapter Leaders Best Practices Handbook, which offers suggestions and guidelines for meetings, speakers, revitalizing a chapter, and getting publicity for SABR and chapter events.

Chapter Obligations and Expectations
Because regional chapters represent SABR, they are governed by SABR’s constitution, by-laws, and policy manual. SABR respects and encourages the autonomy of its chapters in organizing and conducting regional programs and projects in accord with these requirements and guidelines:

  • All chapter leaders and officers shall be members of SABR. Chapters shall supply the names of their leaders and/or officers, appointed and elected, to the SABR office, and shall notify the SABR office promptly of all changes in leadership.
  • Because membership in SABR includes membership in its regional chapters, no chapter may charge dues for chapter membership.
  • Each chapter shall hold at least one “regular” meeting per year. Regular meetings shall include baseball research and shall be open to SABR members and non-members alike.
  • Chapters may charge for chapter activities and raise funds to cover chapter expenses.