Deadball Era Committee World Series Book Project

The Deadball Era Committee is working on a book about each of the World Series during the Deadball Era. Steve Steinberg is collecting all of the photos he can find from each Series, and Tom Simon is heading up the text, which will be in the style of G.H. Fleming's wonderful books — chronicling each series in the words of the reporters who covered them.

Here is the roster of chapter editors:

Deadball Era World Series Project Editors

At the SABR convention in Long Beach, we handed out 1918 as a sample chapter, and we have posted it on the website here (for SABR members only) so all of the World Series editors can see what we envision as a final product. If any SABR member has an article excerpt from their local newspaper or another source that they would like to contribute to any of the World Series chapters, please contact Tom Simon or one of the editors above.

For photos, we will be looking at the obvious sources: the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and the Library of Congress images by George Bain, among others. We will also be drawing upon the photos of private collectors and other archives. We want the images in this book to be as evocative and special as the quotes we'll be using from the sportswriters of the time. If you live in or near a city whose team participated in one of the World Series from 1903-1919, there may be a library, historical society or university that has unusual images. Perhaps you know of someone who has some old World Series images. Don't assume we know about them — contact Steve Steinberg directly.

We hope you'll consider participating in this project.

— Tom Simon and Steve Steinberg