2020 SABR Sustainability Campaign

SABR Sustainability Campaign

SABR is an organization focused on baseball history, research, and benchmarks, and this is unquestionably a first. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is changing around us daily. We are all searching for silver linings, distractions, and ways to minimize the distance we are all feeling and the challenges we are facing.

One constant you can rely on — now more than ever — is that SABR will continue to uphold our mission to foster the study, discussion, and understanding of all aspects of baseball. But we need your help!

As trying as these times are, SABR and its members still have our community and fellowship to lean on, and we can connect online, over the phone, and through video-conferencing. Most importantly, SABR is still able to provide the same level of research resources and baseball content it always has. There remain many ways to create and consume baseball research through SABR.org, and our baseball community.

However, we're facing major challenges in the coming year. The postponement of the SABR 50 convention to July 14-18, 2021, will cause SABR to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. These resources are essential in pursuing our mission and delivering the membership experience our community has come to expect.

Please contribute to the SABR Sustainability Campaign fund. The SABR Board of Directors is leading the way, as all Directors are donating their SABR 50 registration fee to this fund. The Board is joined by hundreds of members who are doing the same.

We are asking all members to make a donation above and beyond their normal giving, equivalent to SABR 50 registration. This is an extraordinary request made due to extraordinary circumstances. We thank all of our members who have donated their registration fees and thank all members in advance for their charitable contributions to the fund.

If you donate $330 (the cost of annual convention registration), you will receive:

  • $50 off your 2021 Annual Convention registration
  • Hard copy of the 2020 edition of The National Pastime delivered to your door
  • Exclusive VIP online streaming video content with baseball personalities

If you donate $500, you will receive:

  • All the benefits listed above
  • Hard copy of the SABR 50 @ 50 anthology book, featuring the 50 most influential articles SABR has published

All gifts are tax deductible except for the value of the benefits received.

We understand that the pandemic has created many challenges for you personally, and perhaps professionally. We hope you will turn to SABR as a source of community, positivity, and escape, and understand the great efforts we are taking to continue to provide the baseball home you’re used to, and the additional programming we have created.

Baseball makes the world better! Thank you so much for believing that and for helping us through this challenging time.

Yours in baseball,

— Scott Bush