Tips on downloading SABR e-books to your Kindle device

If you’re having trouble getting a SABR e-book onto your Kindle device or into the Kindle app on your phone or tablet, here are some tips. Unfortunately, you cannot just “order” the book through the Kindle directly — unless you want to pay for it on Amazon. (Amazon keeps the ability to load purchases directly on your device for themselves, of course.) Fortunately, though, there are several ways you can transfer the file to your Kindle.

Ways to get the FREE version of any of our SABR Digital Library e-books onto your Kindle:

1. Download the EPUB file to your computer. Connect the Kindle to your computer via the special USB cable. Then transfer it to your Kindle just like if you were moving a file to a USB drive. (One member describes this as “Copy the file to the Kindle’s Documents folder.”) Amazon has a help page on USB transfer here:


2. Download the EPUB file to your computer. Then e-mail it to your Kindle using the special e-mail address that comes with your Kindle. Note that if you are not connected to a wifi network, Amazon does charge for this transfer (it is free through a wifi network). For more information on how to find your Kindle’s email address, see Amazon’s help page here:


3. You can install a free utility on your computer or Android device called “Send to Kindle.” that will enable you to send any file on your computer to your Kindle device. There’s also a version that works through web browsers. Look on the “Send to Kindle” page here: Then follow the link for the device or browser you use for further instructions. 

These methods work whether you are using the Kindle app on a third-party device or a Kindle device itself. 

For those of you who are somewhat techy, there is also a free program for home computers called Calibre which will allow you to convert your e-books from one format to another, add your own custom cover designs, and other fun stuff.

— Cecilia Tan