How to Do Baseball Research: Acknowledgments

How to Do Baseball Research is an ongoing project of the Society for American Baseball Research. It is intended as a resource for SABR members, or other researchers interested in baseball’s history or statistics.

The project inherits the tradition started by The Baseball Research Handbook, edited by Gerald Tomlinson and published by SABR in 1987. That book was updated as How to Do Baseball Research and published in 2000. With the growth of the Internet, it became clear that many of the sources touted in those books were being superseded.

Thus, this project.

Despite the switch from paper to electrons, How to Do Baseball Research remains a collective project. The current electronic version is built directly or indirectly on the work of the earlier researchers, whom we wish to acknowledge, along with the current contributors:

Mark Alvarez, Mark Armour, Bob Bluthardt, Rick Bradley, Bill Carle, Dick Clark, James J. Combs, Everett Cope, L. Robert Davids, Bill Deane, Nick Frankovich, Cappy Gagnon, Larry Gerlach, Steve Gietschier, W.F. Gustafson, Stan Grosshandler, Bill Haber, Ted Hathaway, Leslie Heaphy, Thomas Heitz, Bill Hickman, Bob Hoie, John Husman, Tom Jozwik, Clifford Kachline, Joseph Lawler, Larry Lester, Vern Luse, Norman Macht, Ronald Mayer, Bob McConnell, Andy McCue, Eugene Murdock, Bill Nowlin, Clifford Otto, Joseph Overfield, John Pardon, Frank Phelps, David Porter, Dan Rappoport, Tom Ruane, Mark Rucker, John Ruoff, Tom Shieber, Lyle Spatz, A. D. Suehsdorf, Howard Sweet, John Thorn, Bob Timmermann, Gerald Tomlinson, Neal Traven, David Vincent, David Q. Voigt


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