2018 Frederick Ivor-Campbell 19th Century Base Ball Conference

The 10th annual Frederick Ivor-Campbell 19th Century Base Ball Conference was held April 20-21, 2018, at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. 

The 2018 conference was highlighted by a keynote address from baseball historian Don Jensen, along with a panel discussion on “Playing Ball: A Tribute to Tom Altherr” with John Thorn, David Block, and Larry McCray; a special presentation by Bill Ryczek: a re-created play-by-play broadcast of the greatest 19th-century game, Red Stockings at Atlantics, June 14, 1870; a Member Spotlight interview of Bob Tholkes by Tom Simon; plus book signings, research presentations, and a welcome dinner.

Here is the list of research presentations:

  • Bill Humber, “A Thoroughly Modern Ballplayer: The Imaginative, Illicit, Improbable Life of Robert 'Bob' Addy"
  • Joanne Hulbert, “I Never Thought I’d Miss ‘Tricky’ Nick” (19cBB Nicknames)"
  • Gary Gillette, “National League Gains A New Franchise – In 1880”
  • Jerry Casway, “Before Greenberg There was Pike”
  • Marty Payne, “The Onerous Duties”
  • Herm Krabbenhoft, “Objective Determination of Five-Tool Players in the Nineteenth Century”
  • Craig Brown, “The 10 Most Influential Uniforms of the 19th Century”
  • Roger Hadix, “The National Pastime in the Centennial State”
  • Ken Mars, “John McGraw in Truxton [NY] – The Formative Years 1873-1890”
  • Paul Browne, “The Douglasses, the Cattos and the Age of Hope for Blacks in Base Ball”
  • Jon Popovich, “Wright & Ditson Sporting Goods: Official Provider to Baseball’s Renegade Leagues”
  • Richard Hershberger, “Sixty Feet Six Inches and the Modern Pitching Delivery”
  • George Skornickel, “The Louisville Grays’ Scandal of 1877”
  • Tom Gilbert, “A New Look at James Creighton and Amateur Era of Professionalism”
  • Eric Frost, “Arthur Irwin: The Crazy Life and Crazier Death of a Forty Year Baseball Man”

View more photos from the 2018 conference below, courtesy of Dixie Tourangeau. (Click here to view the slideshow on mobile devices.)

2018 Ivor-Campbell 19th Century Conference


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