Analyzing Grand Old Images: A Close Look at Two Photos from the Deadball Era

This article was written by Mark Fimoff

This article was published in The National Pastime (Volume 28, 2008)

Joe Wallace’s Grand Old Game: 365 Days of Baseball is a cleverly conceived book, its pages numbered according to the months and days of the year, providing 365 grand images from the archives of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Many of the photos featured unidentified players or events. With the help of Hall of Fame personnel, the author tried to resurrect the story behind each image. For the most part their effort was successful.

For two of the great photos, however, their interpretation missed the mark. While 363 out of 365 is pretty good, those other two images do merit further analysis. One is significant, and the other is at least highly interesting, given the identity of all the individuals depicted.


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Flag Day in Philadelphia, June 4, 1916 (NATIONAL BASEBALL HALL OF FAME LIBRARY)

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MARK FIMOFF, an electronic engineer, is author of the “Mystery Photo” column in the SABR Pictorial History Committee Newsletter.