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This article was published in The National Pastime: From Swampoodle to South Philly (Philadelphia, 2013)

Editor’s note from Morris Levin.


SABR is publishing two editions of The National Pastime in 2013. The electronic edition (online at SABR.org and the e-book) is the complete journal; the print edition is an abridged presentation.

The electronic edition tells a comprehensive story of baseball in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. SABR’s Philadelphia chapter received well over fifty submissions in response to the call for papers, in addition to suggestions for reprints. The electronic edition is over 160,000 words reflecting the strength and scope of articles.


Thank you to the Philadelphia Connie Mack Chapter. Thank you Seamus Kearney, Dick Rosen, and Peter Mancuso for their support of this specific publication, and in leading a local chapter of which this editor is glad to be a member.

This publication happened because of the readers and editors who volunteered and assisted. Thank you to Bob Barsotti, Seamus Kearney, Mitchell Nathanson, Dick Rosen, Andrew Milner, Samantha Mogil, Douglas Skipper, and Stephen Workman.

Thank you Cecilia Tan, Clifford Blau, and Lisa Hochstein for their professional guidance and stewardship.

Morris Levin
Philadelphia, July 2013