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This article was published in The National Pastime: From Swampoodle to South Philly (Philadelphia, 2013)

Read all the articles from the expanded e-edition of “The National Pastime” below.

The National Pastime, SABR’s annual convention journal, is now larger than ever — 160,000 words larger, to be exact.

And now you can read all the articles from the special expanded e-edition of the 2013 TNP, From Swampoodle to South Philly, online at SABR.org.

The full electronic edition of the journal can be downloaded here in PDF, EPUB (iPad/Nook) or Kindle formats.

Starting in 2013, the print edition of the TNP — which does not include the extra articles in the expanded e-edition — is being offered as a souvenir to SABR members attending the annual convention as part of our expanded Publications program led by editor Cecilia Tan. Click here to learn more.

The 2013 TNP, edited by Morris Levin, tells a comprehensive story of baseball in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley — the site of SABR 43. SABR’s Connie Mack Chapter received well over 50 submissions in response to the call for papers, in addition to suggestions for reprints.

We hope you enjoy this special offering of The National Pastime.