There But For The Grace of God: Jackie Robinson and Pearl Harbor, 1941

This article was written by Bryan Steverson

This article was published in Jackie Robinson: Perspectives on 42

BRYAN STEVERSON is a baseball fan dating back to the Class-B Piedmont League of the late 1940s. He is the author of three books: Amazing Baseball Heroes, Inspirational Negro League Stories (2011); Baseball, A Special Gift from God (2014); and Baseball’s Brotherhood Team (2018), and has contributed to other edited works on the game. He is a 1964 engineering graduate from Virginia Tech with postgraduate studies at the University of Minnesota and Cal Poly Pomona. A retired chief metallurgist in a Fortune 500 corporation, Bryan and his wife, Barbara, have five children and nine grandchildren. They currently reside in Venice, Florida, spring-training home of the Atlanta Braves.