1918 Box Scores Now Available at Retrosheet

I am pleased to announce that Retrosheet has updated some portions of our website. The main addition is the box scores for the 1918 season. These have been posted on our web site in what is now our standard format, based on the official daily totals. Of course, the files have the full range of links to teams, players and umpires as do all our other box score files. See: http://www.retrosheet.org/game.htm.

The game log file for 1918 has been expanded to incorporate this new information, as well, and it is available in the usual place: http://www.retrosheet.org/gamelogs/index.html.

Once again, Tom Ruane has led the way on this project, although several volunteers assisted in digitizing the daily records: Dave Lamoureaux, Walter LeConte, Ron Weaver and Ron Wargo. Thanks to all for this excellent expansion of our site.

Sometime in June, we will release the semiannual full update to the our website and this will included additional play by play event files, as well.

David W. Smith

Originally published: April 6, 2011. Last Updated: April 6, 2011.