1959 White Sox Biographies Now Online at the BioProject

Two years ago, back in April 2009, the work of many SABR members was published by ACTA in the book Go-Go To Glory: The 1959 Chicago White Sox, edited by Don Zminda. The book was largely a collection of biographies of the people associated with the team, though there were many other stories on the season, the pennant race, the ballpark, broadcasters and the World Series. I highly recommend the book, which you can purchase here.

As per our agreement with ACTA, I have recently uploaded 48 articles from the book. They can be found here:

There are many great stories to be found on this page, including biographies of six Hall of Famers and several other well-known stars from the period. As usual, the lesser known players and stories are also well-told. Many of SABR’s better writers are on display in this collection. Of course, there are still plenty of reasons to buy the book, which contains many other stories and pictures.

— Mark Armour

Originally published: April 19, 2011. Last Updated: April 19, 2011.