2016 Philadelphia 19th Century Baseball Interdisciplinary Symposium highlights

The Philadelphia 19th Century Baseball Interdisciplinary Symposium, co-hosted by SABR’s Nineteenth Century Research Committee and the Connie Mack/Philadelphia Chapter, was held on Saturday, November 12, 2016, at Maggiano’s Restaurant in Center City Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia symposium included a Welcoming Address from John Thorn, Official Historian of Major League Baseball; a keynote address from Daniel R. Biddle and Murray Dubin, co-authors of Tasting Freedom: Octavius Catto and the Battle for Equality in Civil War America; and a panel discussion on Philadelphia’s 19th Century Movers and Shakers that included historians Jerrold Casway, John Shiffert, Richard Hershberger, and moderator Dick Rosen.

Research presentations were also delivered by Ralph Carhart on “The Pre-1871 Spread of ‘Base Ball’ in the Greater Philadelphia Area;” Casway on “Cricket’s Foundation for Philadelphia Baseball;” Hershberger on “The Olympic Ball Club: Sport as a Social Endeavor;” Shiffert on “The 1871 Athletics: Baseball’s First Professional League Champions;” and Matt Albertson on “The Quaker Brotherhood: Philadelphia’s Players’ League Season of 1890.”

View more photos courtesy of Dixie Tourangeau below or click here to view a slideshow:


Originally published: November 17, 2016. Last Updated: November 17, 2016.