A Long and Winding Quiz, by John Thorn

From SABR member John Thorn at MLBlogs.com on May 10:

So you think you know baseball? If you can answer these questions correctly, you (and your family) just might make it to the Hall of Fame. Start with the Little League and advance through the ranks to the minors, the majors and, if you’ve really got what it takes, the World Series. Get the bonus question right, and you may get a call from Cooperstown! This twisty trail through baseball history may be walked by young and old alike; the answers are sprinkled along the path.

Like Ulysses on his twenty-year journey from home to distant outposts and home again, beware of pitfalls — a midseason trade from a pennant contender to a cellar-dwelling club; that ground ball rolling between your legs; that ill-fated attempt to steal. But even if you’re getting splinters in your seat from weeks of bench-warming, one swing of the bat may be all that stands between you and triumph. So … let’s set off for first base.

1. The great American institution started by Abner Doubleday was:
The Civil War. Go to 22.
Baseball. Go to 18.

2. Fans surely benefited from the practice, but an umpire’s realm is confined to the field of play. See 25.

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Originally published: May 10, 2011. Last Updated: May 10, 2011.