Altmann: Missing a piece of Phillies history

From Cole Altmann at The Good Phight on January 25, 2018:

This past September, the Phillies had the delightful – yet unfortunately rare – occurrence of a series against the Oakland Athletics. The weekend’s games brought memories, artifacts, and old fans back to Citizens Bank Park- all revolving around the Philadelphia Athletics team that left the city after the 1954 season.

TGK and I spoke of the revival of the City Series (the term used when both Philadelphia teams used to go up against one another) in a previous article here. Played before & after the regular season, the profits from the games were donated to local charities and on occasion, the winning team was awarded a trophy! Or, as I soon discovered, the teams had been awarded numerous trophies over the course of a few decades.

Two of the City Series trophies won by the Athletics are in the collection of the Baseball Hall of Fame at Cooperstown. With two accounted for, I thought it wouldn’t be an issue to find the trophy awarded at the final City Series in 1954: the Ellis A. Gimbel trophy. After all, it was awarded to the Phillies, not the Athletics! The Phillies haven’t moved cities twice since 1954. It had to be around here somewhere, right? Spoiler alert for this article: I never found the Gimbel (but I’m still looking). What I did find was that the Phillies (and a few other baseball teams) have a history problem.

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Originally published: January 25, 2018. Last Updated: January 25, 2018.