Anderson: Meet the man who was to become a GM but pursued a legal career instead

From R.J. Anderson at CBS Sports on October 9, 2017, on SABR member Adam Cromie:

The Washington Nationals and Chicago Cubs will play their seasons’ most important contest on Tuesday, formally known as Game 4 of the National League Division Series. With a victory, the Cubs will advance to the League Championship round to compete for a place in the World Series. Meanwhile, a loss means the Nationals will enter a hibernative state until next spring.

For that reason and others, the Nationals have more at stake than the Cubs do. Keep in mind, these are crucial times for Washington. The Nationals will soon have to contend with manager Dusty Baker’s expiring contract and franchise cornerstone Bryce Harper’s 2018 date with free agency. Plus, there’s weighty history to think about — they haven’t won a postseason series in their existence, and D.C. has not celebrated a World Series win since 1924.

Complicating the Nationals’ attempted trek to the promised land is the fact that one of the organization’s architects won’t be in attendance at Wrigley Field for Game 4. He won’t be in D.C., either — or in any baseball setting. That’s because former assistant general manager Adam Cromie walked away from his post earlier in the year to pursue a legal career.


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Originally published: October 10, 2017. Last Updated: October 10, 2017.