Appel: My dream game, Game 7 of 1960 World Series

From SABR member Marty Appel at The National Pastime Museum on March 12, 2015:

On October 13, 1960, the New York Yankees faced the Pittsburgh Pirates in Game 7 of the World Series at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, a game that would be Casey Stengel’s last as Yankee manager.

I did watch it on NBC, and while I would have loved to have been there in person, I was fortunate to have been hired by Bob Fishel, the Yankees public relations director, seven years later. Over the years I came to know many of the players in that game. So in some ways, I not only feel as though I was “there,” but I continue to believe it was the most talked about game of the twentieth century. It certainly was by those who played in it. There was so much to it.

For instance, can you believe that with 77 batters in the game there was not a single strikeout?

I’ve told this to a number of the participants in the game, and to a man, they can’t believe it. There were five walks, but otherwise, everyone was putting the ball in play that sunny afternoon.

Then again, there was a lot that was “unbelievable” that day.

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Originally published: March 13, 2015. Last Updated: March 13, 2015.