Appel: The chipmunks

From SABR member Marty Appel at The National Pastime Museum on February 3, 2016:

The death in December 2015 of New York–based sportswriter Phil Pepe saddened the city’s baseball community, including his devoted readers, who enjoyed his many years with the New York Daily News and his output of more than four dozen books.

Some at his funeral began talking about his place in baseball-writing history as an original “Chipmunk.” In fact, he was thought to be the inspiration for the name.

The Chipmunks were a collection of young baseball writers who began arriving on the scene in the late ’50s and early ’60s. The old guard still ruled—the writers who covered the game going back to the ’20s, who, for the most part, were thought to be practically part of the team.

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Originally published: February 5, 2016. Last Updated: February 5, 2016.