Armour, Levitt, Williams, Evans, Shieber elected to SABR Board of Directors in 2023

MAY 5, 2023 — SABR members have re-elected three incumbents, along with new Directors Kat Williams and Tom Shieber, to the organization’s Board of Directors in the 2023 election.

Mark Armour was re-elected as SABR’s President, receiving 837 of 844 first-preference votes.

Dan Levitt was re-elected as SABR’s Treasurer, receiving 840 of 843 first-preference votes.

Kat Williams, Dan Evans and Tom Shieber were elected as SABR Directors.

Williams received 128 first-preference votes and was elected first in SABR’s simplified preferential voting system after 26 rounds of balloting. She will serve a three-year term through 2026.

Evans, who was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2021, received 136 first-preference votes and was elected second after voting preferences were transferred. He will serve a three-year term through 2026.

Shieber received 109 first-preference votes and was elected third after voting preferences were transferred. He will serve a one-year term through 2024, according to the SABR By-Laws revisions approved by voters in the 2023 special election. Candidate Bill Pearch also received 109 first-preference votes, but was outvoted 482-277 in the final round of balloting for the third Director’s seat.

A list of other Director candidates and their first-preference voting totals follows:

  • Andy Andres (59)
  • David Firstman (55)
  • Michael Haupert (52)
  • Anthony Salazar (52)
  • Neal Traven (49)
  • John McMurray (41)
  • Dennis Degenhardt (40)

Special thanks to Tellers Committee members Stephen Barnes, Mike Emeigh, and Alex Marks for certifying the results on May 4 in a virtual meeting and to the Nominations Committee of Stew Thornley, Chris Dial, and Joanne Hulbert for their help in preparing the candidate statements.

The 2023 SABR elections featured online voting for the 14th consecutive year as well as traditional paper ballots. A total of 844 votes were received, constituting about 11.45 percent of the membership.

SABR members can find complete 2023 election results, including write-in candidates and voting totals, posted here.

A historical list of SABR’s Board of Directors can be found by clicking here. Past voting totals can be found here.

Originally published: May 5, 2023. Last Updated: May 5, 2023.