Armour: The 1967 Winter Meetings in Mexico City

From SABR member Mark Armour at The National Pastime Museum on December 1, 2017:

Fifty years ago baseball used its annual multiday Winter Meetings as a place to get things done. In the days before email and cell phones, and in the very early days of primitive “conference calls,” these meetings were the best opportunity for all of baseball’s owners and general managers to meet face to face, to make decisions on their business, to debate rules changes, to consider franchise moves, or to negotiate trades.

Then as now, there were many different meetings—league meetings, marketing meetings, Rules Committee meetings, meetings for the minor leagues, and many more—along with the informal get-togethers between teams to discuss trades. In the 1967 National League meeting, Astros President Bill Giles suggested that each club select a candidate for a “Miss Baseball” beauty contest. It was a different time.

The 1967 Major League Winter Meetings were held in Mexico City from Sunday, November 26, through Saturday, December 2.

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Originally published: December 1, 2017. Last Updated: December 1, 2017.