Armour: The great Topps baseball card monopoly: The best of the best

From SABR member Mark Armour at The National Pastime Museum on June 9, 2016:

Way back at the beginning of this series I boldly proclaimed that before I wrapped up I was going to crown the best card set of Topps’ monopoly years, and I have not yet done that. Before I do, I wanted to pass along a few points you should consider before you inevitably disagree with me.

1. When I conducted an informal survey last fall, there was nothing even close to a consensus, and most people selected a card set that was a big part of their childhood, perhaps even the very first set they collected. This is not a criticism—the success and continued popularity of older baseball cards are tied to our memories of being a kid and learning and falling in love with the game. It is only natural that our earliest card sets hold the most power over us.

2. I like all 25 of these sets, including the one you think I am neglecting. There are beautiful (and unattractive) cards in each of these sets.

3. They are just baseball cards. Lighten up!


Here, therefore, are Topps’ 10 greatest card sets from their monopoly years.

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Originally published: June 9, 2016. Last Updated: June 9, 2016.