Aubrey: A list of Spalding’s Official Base Ball Record Books

From SABR member Mark Aubrey at Baseball Nuggets on September 8, 2017:

American Sports Publishing Company published many different athletic books.  In the baseball community, they are mostly known for Spalding’s Official Base Ball Guide.  I recently became aware of their Spalding’s Official Base Ball Record.

From their own descriptions:

No. 1 – Spalding’s Official Base Ball Guide –  The leading Base Ball annual of the country, and the official authority of the game.  Contains the official playing rules, with an explanatory index of the rules compiled by Mr. A. G. Spalding; pictures of all the teams in the National, American and minor leagues; review of the season; college Base Ball, and a great deal of interesting information.  Price 10 cents.

No. 1A – Spalding’s Official Base Ball Record – Something new in Base Ball.  Contains records of all kinds from the beginning of the National League and official average of all professional organizations for past season.  Illustrated with pictures of leading teams and players.  Price 10 cents.

I’ve compiled a listing of the online Base Ball Record books that I could find.

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Originally published: September 8, 2017. Last Updated: September 8, 2017.