Bain: Retro computer baseball game review: Earl Weaver Baseball

From SABR member Derek Bain at Tuatara Software on January 7, 2020:

Earl Weaver Baseball represented a transformation in the computer baseball gaming experience from a text-based or minimally animated exercise into an authentic re-creation of America’s Pastime. From the realism of the statistical engine to the striking audio and visual effects, EWB signified a tremendous leap forward in sports simulations and set an extremely high bar that most challengers in the past 3 decades have failed to achieve.

When I first cast my gaze upon the Amiga version, I was captivated by the sound effects, speech and graphics. After playing a few series I discovered that the variety of strategic options, ability to create ballparks and the accurate game outcomes contributed to a remarkable product unlike anything I had seen before.

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Originally published: January 8, 2020. Last Updated: January 8, 2020.