Bain: Retro computer baseball game review: MicroLeague Baseball

From SABR member Derek Bain at Tuatara Software on September 14, 2019:

This is the third entry in a series focusing on computer baseball simulations to supplement the chapter “Play Retro Baseball Video Games In Your Browser” from my Hardball Retroactive book along with the corresponding post at Baseball Analytics. The series focuses on baseball simulations – games in which the primary emphasis is on managerial strategy and the ability to replay entire seasons with a degree of realism. Baseball video games that are strictly arcade representations of baseball (based solely on reflex and hand-eye coordination) are excluded.

MicroLeague Baseball is the computer hardball simulation that consumed a significant percentage of my youth. I owned the game, GM/Owner and Box Score/Stat Compiler disks for my Commodore 64 and purchased the same disks several years later for my Apple ][e. My friends and I spent many hours with MicroLeague Baseball over a five-year period.

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Originally published: September 16, 2019. Last Updated: September 16, 2019.