Baldwin: The germ of an idea, bringing MLB to Yachats, Oregon

From SABR member Dave Baldwin at Rubbery Shubbery on July 8, 2012:

Welcome to the official Rubbery Shrubbery (RS) blog, which describes the efforts of Yachats (YAH-hots), Oregon, and its citizens—called Yachatians (yah-HAY-shuns), or in some cases, Yahotties (yah-HOT-tees)—to acquire a Major League Baseball franchise and stand as a beacon of hope for people-deficient cities everywhere. To learn about Yachats, please go to this page or go to GoYachats.

Today’s entry in the RS blog is written by grizzled journalist Harrison Grutch. Once a sportswriter at an honorable newspaper, Harrison is now a retired curmudgeon devoting all his time to covering the Yachatian sports scene.


The Germ of an Idea
by Harrison Grutch

Nobody expects a baseball innovation, especially not two matronly ladies casually enjoying breakfast in the Drift Inn Café in the heart of Yachats, Oregon.
Once the toughest biker bar on the Oregon Coast, the Drift Inn (Figure 1) now is civilized to the max with brightly colored Italian umbrellas hanging from the ceiling and Japanese cast iron teapots decorating its tables. In the summer the café is a tourist favorite, and in the winter it’s a warm sanctuary for viewing storms sweeping across the Pacific.

Originally published: July 18, 2012. Last Updated: July 18, 2012.