Baltimore-Babe Ruth Chapter Lunch (Baltimore, MD)

Come for the fascinating baseball talk and stay to visit one of the great sports shrines in the United States.  This will be our 29th consecutive lunch and continuing our 2nd year at the Babe Ruth Birthplace.  

Metered street parking is available and there is a Potbelly's close by on Pratt Street if you happen to forget your lunch.  Hope to see you there on 12/19/18 at noon.

Our continued thanks to Executive Director Shawn Herne and Director Emeritus/Historian Mike Gibbons for allowing this monthly meeting/lunch to happen.  The Baltimore Babe Ruth Chapter of SABR is proud to boast about our great relationship with the Babe Ruth Birthplace Foundation and the wonderful staff who always are always willing to help us out.  

Any questions, contact Chapter VP Peter Coolbaugh at or call 570-466-3745.

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