Barron: PA announcer Marysol Castro: If only her voice could change the way the Mets play

From James Barron at the New York Times on August 19, 2018:

The Mets are deep in a season that defies adjectives. Puzzling? Disappointing? Maddening? Bizarre? All apply, which is why Marysol Castro considers herself a voice of hope. Or maybe a voice of reason.

Hers is one of those voices you don’t realize you’re hearing when you hear it, like the one that says “This is ‘NBC Nightly News’ with Lester Holt.” Her audience is averaging about 29,000, triple what it would be if she did the same job in Miami, about a third less than if she did it in St. Louis.

She is a public-address announcer for the New York Mets.

Ms. Castro, 44, is in her first season at Citi Field. She is all too aware of how fleeting first place can be — or, for the Mets, was. She has lived through the heartbreaking purgatory of last place, the recent climb into fourth in the National League East and, just when you figured all the adjectives had been exhausted, the anomalous August.

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Originally published: August 21, 2018. Last Updated: August 21, 2018.