Baseball Prospectus: Announcing the PITCHf/x Matchup Analysis Tool

From Dan Brooks at Baseball Prospectus on September 27, 2012:

Just in time for the playoffs, we’re bringing you a way to get detailed information on every batter-pitcher matchup via our new Matchup Analysis Tool, found here and also accessible through the “PITCHf/x Matchups” dropdown link on the “Statistics” tab of the navbar at the top of the page.

The Matchup Analysis Tool allows you to select a particular pitcher and batter and visualize every time they’ve faced each other during the PITCHf/x era (partial 2007, complete 2008-2012). As an example, let’s take Prince Fielder vs. CC Sabathia.

The first link on the page that appears is important: if you find an interesting matchup and want to share it with your friends, right click the “Direct Link to this Matchup” link and copy that link’s location. It will automatically bring your friends to the page you’re looking at.

From the first table (reproduced directly below), you can see that Sabathia has thrown Fielder 19 Fastballs, two Sinkers, and 21 Sliders. On the bottom left, you get a log of each time they’ve squared off, along with a date, result, Pitch Tags from the PITCH INFO database that drive, and pitch speed.

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Originally published: September 27, 2012. Last Updated: September 27, 2012.