Ben-Porat: MLB revenues, population, and social media

From Eli Ben-Porat at The Hardball Times on October 18, 2016:

We often hear about the woes of “small-market” teams that can’t generate the requisite revenue to compete with the “large-market” teams. This is usually approximated by population size and ignores the fact that St. Louis generates 50 percent more revenue than Tampa Bay despite equivalent Census Metropolitan population levels. As another example, the Red Sox have a relatively average metro population but have a dominant revenue stream.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the statistical indicators that a team has a strong revenue base. I’ve excluded my hometown Toronto Blue Jays due to differences in culture and currency. (Beer-can incident aside, the harshest attack ad in our most recent election read “Justin, He’s Just not Ready.”)

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Originally published: October 20, 2016. Last Updated: October 20, 2016.