Best Pitchers to Throw 2 No-Hitters By Age 28

From Joe Posnanski at on May 9:

A few thoughts about Justin Verlander and his two no-hitters and why I think Verlander will throw at least more no-hitter before he’s finished.

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Thirteen players in baseball history — including Justin Verlander — have thrown multiple no-hitters before they turned 29 years old. We’ll deal with 11 of those here. This is not to discount the other two — Christy Mathewson and Dutch Leonard. Mathewson is obviously one of the best pitchers ever, and Dutch Leonard in 1914 had an 0.96 ERA, the lowest for a qualifier in baseball history. But they both pitched their best during Deadball, and that doesn’t really relate to what we’re talking about here.

So we have eleven pitchers left. Justin Verlander is one of the 11, and he’s our focal point, so let’s leave him to the end. That leaves us with 10 pitchers to focus on.

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Originally published: May 9, 2011. Last Updated: May 9, 2011.