Blengino: Fun with early-season park factors

From SABR member Tony Blengino at FanGraphs on May 19, 2016:

The introduction of granular ball-in-play data has changed baseball analysis in numerous ways. While traditional methods of evaluation remain invaluable, they can now be supplemented by hard data that can explain what our eyes are telling us, just as our eyes can at times help explain the numbers.

Park factors have been a part of baseball analysis for at least a generation now. Some versions are calculated very simply, others are much more complex. Most would agree that a single year is way too little data upon which to generate meaningful park factors; rolling three- or four-year metrics are often utilized.

Well, I would submit that there is a lot we can learn from park factors generated over very short periods of time, provided that granular exit speed and angle data is integrated. Today, let’s look at some fairly crude context-adjusted park factors based on data from opening day through May 11 of this season.

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Originally published: May 20, 2016. Last Updated: May 20, 2016.