Borzi: Meet the Mets-loving Florida judge who teaches a law school class — at CHS Field

From Pat Borzi at the Minnesota Post on June 28, 2019, on SABR member Louis Schiff:

The CHS Field press box lacks the trappings of a typical law school class, but it fits Louis H. Schiff like a custom ballcap. For one weekend every summer, Schiff — a 1980 Hamline University law grad and a Broward County (Fla.) court judge — returns to St. Paul to teach a class called Law and the Business of Baseball at his alma mater, now the Mitchell-Hamline School of Law. The syllabus melds his two longtime passions.

As a 12-year-old growing up on Long Island, Schiff successfully argued one of his earliest cases before his mother Sally, convincing her to let him ride the Long Island Rail Road with a pal unchaperoned to Shea Stadium for the 1968 Mets home opener. (The Mets beat the Giants, 3-0, with rookie left-hander Jerry Koosman out-pitching National League Cy Young Award winner Mike McCormick.)  

Tall with graying hair and scholarly wire-rimmed glasses, Schiff serves as an adjunct at several law schools. Seven years ago he developed this one-credit, two-day course as a companion to a casebook he was writing with Robert M. Jarvis, Baseball and the Law: Cases and Materials, published in 2016. Schiff originally taught the course at Target Field before relocating in 2015 to newly-opened CHS Field.  

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Originally published: July 9, 2019. Last Updated: July 9, 2019.