Brown: 19th-century baseball uniform database updates: 1888

From SABR member Craig Brown at Threads of our Game on March 30, 2016:

Opening Day is just around the corner. So, no better time than now to share with you some recent updates—from way back in 1887 and 1888:

1888 Athletic, Philadelphia
Quilted padding at the knees and hips were the new innovation in 1888. The Atheltics wore more padding than that. Click and see the far right rendering.
See the uniform

1888 Baltimore
The year 1888 also introduced the blue uniform fad. See how Baltimore sung the blues this year, and not just because of their win-loss record.
See the uniform

1888 Brooklyn
The 1888 Brooklyn team dressed fancy with their new red-checked unis—and they also went cheap-o with lace ties that weren’t long enough.
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1888 Chicago (NL)
The White Stockings became the Black Sox in 1888 (for different reasons than in 1919)—-and the Chicago faithful almost didn’t recognize their team on opening day.
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Originally published: April 1, 2016. Last Updated: April 1, 2016.