Brown: 19th-century uniform database: 1856 Gothams

From SABR member Craig Brown at Threads of our Game on December 18, 2017:

I took a fresh look at the well-known (but often low-resolution) photo of the 1856 Gotham team. I have never liked the version where the background has been cutout. So I tried to marry the cutout version with the full background version to create a better-quality image that (maybe) matches the original.

In doing so, I suddenly discovered that the team wore a letter “G” on their coat lapels. I had always thought this item was a decorative medallion of some kind. But on my big computer screen I suddenly realized its true form. It’s a G!

You may have known this already but I thought I would share. See more about the Gotham “G” at this link–be sure to scroll down to see the detail views.

Read the full article here:

Originally published: December 18, 2017. Last Updated: December 18, 2017.