Brudnicki: For love of the game: my time at MLB Scout School

From Alexis Brudnicki at The Hardball Times on May 2, 2018:

More formally known as Major League Baseball’s Scout Development Program, scout school is “a one-week seminar with classroom instruction and on-field evaluation exercises. Our goal is to improve and better prepare qualified individuals for a career as a professional scout and/or front office administrator.”

That’s how it’s described in the first form the scouting bureau sends its candidates, anyway.

Scout school is run by MLB’s scouting bureau. Each participant has to be sponsored by one of the league’s 30 franchises. Those in attendance are expected to have a baseline understanding of the game’s nuances–knowledge derived from hundreds and hundreds of games watched or played–they can draw on throughout the program. The idea is that what students learn at scout school will supplement the knowledge they already have, allowing them to be scouts, advance to other areas in their own departments, or just learn some of the finer aspects of the game and what is going on out on the field.

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Originally published: May 2, 2018. Last Updated: May 2, 2018.