Brudnicki: The most talented man who never pitched in the majors

From Alexis Brudnicki at The Hardball Times on May 30, 2018:

He’s not in the game anymore, but in the midst of his career, Blake McFarland was almost indisputably the most talented guy in baseball in a particular sort of way.

During his six minor league seasons in the Blue Jays organization, the right-hander posted unspectacular numbers – he had a 4.07 ERA over 327 innings with 104 walks, 308 strikeouts, and a 1.30 WHIP – but left his teammates in awe of what he could do off the field.

McFarland ventured into the world of art when he was 20 years old, getting his start with a paintbrush after noticing a painting at his parents’ house that he told his mother was ugly, before adding that he, “could do better.” And he did.

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Originally published: June 1, 2018. Last Updated: June 1, 2018.