Buck O’Neil/North Florida Chapter meeting recap – 4/8/2020

Responding to the coronavirus pandemic, the SABR Buck O’Neil/North Florida Chapter met electronically on April 8, 2020. Participating were:

  • Matt Keelean, Chapter President
  • Jeff English
  • Jim Wolf
  • Kent Putnam
  • Chuck Rosciam
  • Brent Kallestad
  • Fred Dunphy
  • Glenn Robertson
  • Jim Turner
  • And special guest Sam Zygner, President of the South Florida Chapter.

As members joined in electronically, the first topic of conversation was the 2020 set of baseball cards being issued by Utz chips, MLB’s “official salty snack.”

Our attention turned to the postponement of SABR 50 in Baltimore, rescheduled to the summer of 2021. Registration fees are being refunded and hotel reservations cancelled.

Next, the group discussed the issues facing MLB’s 2020 season.

We agreed that other baseball activities were available to members at this time, including movies, books, programming on MLB.TV, and others. Special attention was drawn to the past issues of Baseball Digest now free online but only for a limited time.

Members paid tribute to Al Kaline, who passed away shortly before the meeting. All agreed he was both an excellent and Hall of Fame worthy baseball player in addition to being a great individual. Members shared their memories of the 1968 World Series, Tigers versus Cardinals.

With Sam joining us, we talked about what the future might hold for the Miami Marlins. It is hoped that they will improve gradually but it is unrealistic for them to put an excellent team on the field next season.

Our final topic was the Baseball Hall of Fame prospects for several “borderline” players including Bobby Grich, Lou Whitaker, Fred McGriff, and Jeff Kent.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.

— Kent Putnam
Chapter Secretary

Originally published: April 13, 2020. Last Updated: April 13, 2020.