Call for papers: Volume 3 of Turnstyle: The SABR Journal of Baseball Arts

Turnstyle: The SABR Journal of Baseball Arts, Volume 2 (2020)Ever since baseball has been played, there has been literature written about the National Pastime. Today, there is no less an outpouring of baseball art and literature, as has been seen from the beginning of the great and glorious game.

SABR’s Baseball and the Arts Committee looks forward to presenting the third edition of Turnstyle: The SABR Journal of Baseball Arts, an offering of baseball art and literature. The deadline for submissions for Volume 3 is April 1, 2021. Please submit your baseball masterpiece to the Turnstyle editors:

We will consider the following: essays, short fiction, memoirs, creative nonfiction, poetry, original illustrations, photographs that enhance a storyline, and other creative expressions of the art of baseball. We did not suggest a theme for our previous editions. However, given the challenging nature of 2020, perhaps you feel inspired to share thoughts about life and baseball during a year of pandemic and politics — what would you like to pass along to baseball fans in the future?

All submissions will be reviewed as received, and after editorial review, if accepted, will be returned to you for final approval.

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Originally published: January 19, 2021. Last Updated: January 19, 2021.