Cameron: Dear MLB, please fix the slide replay

From Dave Cameron at FanGraphs on October 13, 2017:

In one of the craziest, weirdest, most bizarre baseball games anyone has ever seen, the Cubs beat the Nationals 9-8 tonight, advancing to the NLCS. The game had everything you could think of and then some: catcher’s interference, RBI strikeouts that maybe shouldn’t have counted, Max Scherzer hitting a batter to force in a run, and Michael Taylor hitting a bomb on a pitch at his eyes. But, unfortunately, the lasting memory of this game might just be that MLB’s replay rule on slides into a base still sucks.

 I wish I didn’t have to write this post again. I wrote a very similar piece 367 days ago, when Javier Baez was called out because a slow-motion replay showed his arm disconnected from second base for a fraction of a second. And now, I have to write this post again because tonight, Jose Lobaton‘s leg lifted off first base for the briefest of moments, and replay got the Cubs out an 8th-inning, tying-run-at-second situation in a game they won by 1 run.

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Originally published: October 13, 2017. Last Updated: October 13, 2017.