Carig: Baseball weaves history into its uniforms — even for the Toronto Giants

From SABR member Marc Carig at The Athletic on April 27, 2020, with mention of SABR members Paul Lukas, Todd Radom, and Tom Shieber:

On a February evening in 1976, Toronto’s power brokers prepared for the culmination of a years-long effort to land their own baseball team. The Giants, once a jewel of the National League, had become a bankrupt laughingstock. Now, they were about to flee San Francisco for Canada’s largest city, where the new owners were eager to trumpet their imminent arrival into the big leagues. The time had come to unveil the logo that would grace the new uniforms.

“There was never much thought given to being creative or Canadian,” recalled Richard Walker, the designer who was tasked with adapting a traditional look. The Giants’ familiar orange and black wordmark, which had origins dating back to the team’s years in New York, was modified slightly so that the letters “G” and “S” were enlarged. That created a natural space above for the addition of the word “Toronto.” The orange cap insignia, formerly an interlocking “SF” arranged diagonally, was changed to a “TG.”

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Originally published: April 28, 2020. Last Updated: April 28, 2020.